[Project Sloth] [FREE] QBCore Dispatch & MDT

Does anyone know why when using this dispatch system and MDT, it will only show shots fired under the CALLS tab in the main screen of the MDT?

I do really appreciate you guys for sharing this project, keep up the good work!

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Did you also get Oxmysql?

looks very very cool

Guys, don’t spam this thread with support questions.

This is not a thread for support. If you need help, join the Disc server.

Is there an ESX version of this?

Will there be an ESX version?

No there won’t be.

it should be ! :smiley:

Dispatch doesn’t trigger alerts to PD when the bank is being robbed. Although it works wonders!

Hey, I found many penals/fines in the config but I can’t find how to use them with the mdt. Is it a side script or something or am I just blind :smiley:

Thank you for sharing with community! And for all your hard work! :heart:

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You are insane for releasing this for free, I’m not complaining though.

Hello ! i have this error after i adding file on resource file

how can help me please ! :((

Is it possible to set up more departments then just LSPD?

Yes it is possible take a look how LSPD is setup and copy it

this seems nice and i have seen it be used,however i have no clue on how to install it,it jsut tells me

Creating script environments for ps-mdt
[ script:ps-mdt] Error loading script server/utils.lua in resource ps-mdt: @ps-mdt/server/utils.lua:1: No such export GetCoreObject in resource qb-core

have no clue how to fix

Start mdt after qb-core. If you need more help join the discord.

i fixed it,thank you

but im getting this error
script:ps-mdt] SCRIPT ERROR: @ps-mdt/server/main.lua:108: ps-mdt was unable to execute a query!
[ script:ps-mdt] Table ‘zap917357-1.mdt_bulletin’ doesn’t exist
[ script:ps-mdt] SELECT * FROM mdt_bulletin WHERE jobtype = ? LIMIT 10 [“police”]