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Hey, I’m DGVaniX and I’d like to present to you a project I’ve been working on for the past month, FiveM DayZ!
I’ve been working on different projects, Roleplay oriented, but I wanted to make something new, something that would make me stand out, and I’ve noticed that there are no proper DayZ zombie servers aside from Rotten:V which looks to be abandoned, so I’ve decided to start working on a gamemod based off Rotten:V.

So here are a few things I’ve done (more to come):

Multi-Language System

Login System

Respawn/Gender Selection

Inventory System





Personal Vehicles

Camps Item Shop

Tent (Inventory/Healing)

Camp Fire Cooking


★ IP:

Hope you all like what I’ve done so far, it’s still a WORK IN PROGRESS and I’m only one person with somewhat of a social life left, so don’t expect too much from me.

Any questions regarding this project, please go ahead, I’m happy to answer all of them and see what feedback you guys give!



hell yeah, bring it on

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Looks awesome can’t wait to try it

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Good Job My Brother

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This looks great, and looks like you’ve gone beyond most whitelisted servers etc. Really good job, can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:

Looks great!

I’d really like to help you test it, if you need some help hit me up!

I’m portuguese, can help you with some translation too if you need.

It does look great! I have a couple DayZ guys on Twitch who want to give it some stream time when you’re ready.

Any updates on this yet? Would love to try it out, I don’t see any downloads.

From what I see this will be sweet!!

Um… I think you got this whole thing wrong… This is not a release, it’s a presentation of the server, that’s why you don’t see any download links… And yes there’s always updates, just added a new language

Oh, sorry my bad then Ill have to jump on your server and try it out.

When will you release?

Will your server be on for testing again?

Yeah, just made a testing server now, IP was updated.

New IP:

Took a look around and it’s interesting but doesn’t seem to resemble anything from what you posted in the first post. At best I can see a world without anything (no zombies, peds, etc.), the pointing script, a hands up script, larger map, some map editing, and the vehicles replaced with burnt out ones. I don’t see any of the things you posted about. Am I missing something?

  1. The whole centre of the map (around the showroom area, maze bank etc) is covered in overgrowth as well as blocked roads etc
  2. Zombies spawn around you, you can see the number of zombies alive in the right side under “Statistics”
  3. Animations are on different key bindings, just try the buttons on your keyboard :man_facepalming:
  4. As I showed in the picture above, you can see/buy the vehicles from CAMPS from the “Mechanic” NPC

Please have a good look at the server and what it has to offer before leaving a feedback, there’s no point in writing feedback when you’ve only played for 1 minute and didn’t even move around.


Sure I’ll take a look again but I didn’t see anything you mentioned. I did try all keyboard commands (single keystrokes, not combinations) and function keys.

As a suggestion then it would be good to have some intro/help screen showing some of this information. My player was dropped off at one of the default spawn points way up north so without any transportation I would be walking for 10 minutes to get to the maze bank. At the very least, cull the spawn points down so the player at least ends up near the playable area.


You have time to look at the map while you drop and look for the camps, then you can glide. And you can get transportation from the camps, I thought having SURVIVAL in the name implies that stuff are hard to come by.

DayZ Survival is a simple concept, F1 for inventory, you look around for items to loot, kill zombies, maybe make some friends and a base and survive. Not to mention it’s just me developing it along with an RPG and Roleplay server, all by myself while studying, so please give me some slack, I ain’t a robot sadly

The screenshots look great man keep up the good work.

First time in it must have screwed up loading since I didn’t get dropped in by parachute, there was no UI, etc. Now that it actually loaded I can see the UI and interact with things, pick a characters, etc. Sorry about the initial reaction but without your customizations it was coming up as a pretty stock system with no zombies or any kind. Looks good so far.

exact same thing happened to me the first time