[Preview] dpphone

Hey whatsup, been working the past few days to create a phone, one thats not html based.
So figured id throw it out here for any suggestions for apps / features and general ideas.

What im trying to do is have a solid framework to do all kinds of apps easily, with plenty of functions that speed things up, and so far its going great, so any feedback at all let me know, should be posting updates every now and then with my progress.

https://streamable.com/uw6iq Link if video fails to load.

Update 2

https://streamable.com/vgqs8 Link if video fails to load.

What language did you write this in? Looks like a good start.

Is this an opensource project?

@ChieF-TroN Lua!
@TheIndra Once i get more of the framework laid out, wanna make a simple guide for making apps aswell.

I need to research screenshotbasic things to get some neat features for the camera / gallery app
Heres another video showcasing some more stuff.



The only thing I don’t like about this is not using HTML for inputting text. I don’t like how I can’t use copy and paste on the gta text input. Other than that, great stuff.

@ATG Heres a HTML input thing aswell. (Its pretty ugly)

It works just like the normal gta input, but with some issues aswell.
Theres a 100 character limit on the actual inputs, so if someone were to type past 100 it wouldnt stop them, compared to the normal gta input where you can set a maximum amount of text.


Much better, thank you!

Woop Woop! Looks very good ! I Really like the camera !

Was just curious but any reason on not using HTML? I would assume not using it would be a pain. Not sure though! Progress is looking great so far!

I have no experience with HTML, HTML obviously has its upsides, especially with performance.
But so far i haven’t run into something i cant do in LUA that i would be able to in HTML, that might change though.

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Any new progress? I’d love to do something with this!

I’ve moved a lot of things around, added a yellowpages app, and started work on calling/messaging and figuring out how i want it to work so it can be used standalone.
Im doing just a simple Event that you trigger once that setups the phone/does everything it needs, so even on an ESX server, you would only really need to use one serverevent to trigger the setup of the phone.

Will release some new vids when i get some more work done!

Awesome! Can’t wait to do some work with this.

freaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaking awesome!!!

Any new progress? Really hope this doesn’t go dead. If you want some collaboration, I’d be willing to help.

Will probably post an update vid in the weekend here, got some more work done.

OK nice waiting on release …

OMG!!! This is amazing!! When it will be release? it will be for sell/free? How can I contact you? Also, do you have patreon to donate? your work is amazing!

Can add Twitter and Blackmarket in this phone? (Nice work!)

Still looking forward to this! Would love to contribute.