Prairie State Roleplay - Check us out! New whitelisted server!

Prairie State Roleplay - Check us out!

Welcome to PSRP. Based off Cook County, Illinois. We offer a professional, mature setting. Strongly promote and strive for realistic roleplay.

Some of our features:

  • Open-minded, mature staff team.
  • Custom emergency vehicles.
  • Lots of civilian vehicles to choose from.
  • Custom EUP.
  • Menu based.
  • FivePD.


  • Chicago Police Department
  • Cook County Sheriff’s Office
  • Illinois State Police
  • Forest Preserve Police
  • Chicago Fire Department

Join our Discord for more information.
Follow us on 𝖨𝗇𝗌𝗍𝖺𝗀𝗋𝖺𝗆 for more screenshots!

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Currently working on finishing up BCSO documents. Our vehicle and employee roster and penal code. Only a few more BCSO vehicle liveries left, and then that department is set for that. While doing that, working on editing the scripts already added, making it better for how we want to play.

If you wish to join and be the first in a brand new community, feel free to join using the discord link in the post.

Looking for BCSO applicants, to start going through the application process, interviews, all of that fun stuff. BCSO has a fleet of custom vehicles, to you to earn as you make your way up the ranks.

Now have over 50 custom civilian vehicles. With a good foundation of working scripts to make roleplaying enjoable. Looking for applicants to join BCSO so we can get this boat sailing.

Looking for LEO applicants. Hoping to do a few small sessions of RP to get a feel of the server and to make sure everything is good before going live.

Looking for BCSO applicants! Looking for civilians. Hoping to do a few sessions of roleplay with a small group before going public!

We are ready for beta release! But we need LEO! Without officers I cannot unwhitelist the server. If you or someone you know wants to be apart of a professional, realistic rp server. Come our way!

Continuing with recruiting. If you are looking for a new server, new community, check us out!

We have many different vehicle options for both civilians and our leos on the server. In addition to this we are a serious roleplay server where things are played out realistically. Looking for players to fill many different roles. Businesses are awaiting new owners. Join us!

Added a discord based economy system to add even more realism to the server. Currently working to price all the default GTA vehicles based on their realistic versions. Same with our add-on vehicles, all listed and priced in discord. This gives you an option to purchase the vehicle in discord (you start with $100k) and then you are able to spawn it in the server itself, and all around will know you are wealthy individual driving a fancy vehicle.

With that, looking for civilians interested in running a business. Many, many to choose from. Not just the basic ones offered by GTA itself, but unique ones you would like to create - with help from map edits to make it even more legit.

Join us today and help us grow!

We are still looking for players to join our community. Trying to decide if we want to be patient and recruit using forums and stay whitelisted, or stay public for a bit. Regardless, check us out!

Looking for players who want to grow with a new server. Looking for civilians, police, and more. With or without experience. As long as you want realistic serious roleplay, we are the place for you!

Server is fresh, so non of the things I was working on before (some of my comments on original post) are being used now. Besides some of the documents, etc. Always room for edits, add ons, things the community would like to see. Join us!

Actively looking for mature players. Community being built with how the community wants it. Focused on realistic roleplay? Join us! Spread the word and help us grow.

Working on our own custom livery for our leo fleet. Come join us and help us progress quickly!

We have custom liveries ready, looking for applicants for Blaine County Sheriff’s Office today!

Livery based on the Roscommon County Sheriff in Michigan.

Continuing in adding more for civilians, realistic vehicles, maps, and more! Give us a try. Brand new server, brand new community. Focused on realistic roleplay with great people.

Continuing to look for more members.