Play arcade games with your friends!

This is literally one of the best scripts ever! How would I add an arcade to my home ?! Please help I’m rather new to dev work

This is insane :innocent:

I have purchased, but did not receive the script

Hello, you must have received email from tebex that contains the download URL, if not i will send you PM with the link to download.

Sorry, my English is bad, so I use GOOGLE Translate.
I bought it according to the webpage and got the link, but I didn’t download it successfully after opening it. Can you help me?

Does it work again with playing online?

Amazing script! But i am having a bit of trouble adding NES and other games as I believe they need the same html>java script that the dosbox has. But that said I am a noob so I was wondering if you could help me set that up or point me in the right direction! Thanks

I have an issue where at a certain point when I add games there are too many for the menu and they are displayed off screen at the top. Is there a quick fix, or even better a way I could add another play station type to divvy them up more? pls and thanks

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is there a way to add more props? theres another style arcade machine and id like to be able to use it aswell.

edit: nevermind i realized you can just add more locations in config. i thought it was registered to props.

Anyway I can make the tickets as an item that is used to get access to the PC’s as that way people pay me for the tickets so i get the cash and everything else

Is this script obfuscated I wanted to try and make it into something else

Any one able to assist with adding new games?? I found it in the configuration but not sure of where to get games from etc

Hello, can you suggest a life invader map that can be used with this script?

Something pops up and says “Use this feature at your own risk…” What causes this and how can it be removed/fixed???