Pickle's Weapon Throwing | Throw Weapons, Pickup Weapons, Drop Weapons on Death, And more!

The system registers a command and a keybind directly to that command. Once the key is registered, any client the command and key were registered on must change it in their GTA Settings Keybinds FiveM page. Changing the default code will change the key registered to new clients that have not had the keybind registered already.

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Is there anyway to stop weapon from being dropped when punched or shot?

If possible, send a video of this happening.

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Check the above comment for your response.

Thank you for the quick response here is a quick clip of it happening when punched it will also happen if your shot it will drop the weapon.

Interesting, will check this out now.

Thank you!

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Update v1.1.0

  • Fixed dropping weapons when damaged.
  • Added weapon data, supports ox_inventory and qb-inventory with support to add more inventories.
  • Added french and deutsch translations, thanks to Aecy!
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hello you made amazing script i found a bug when you aim and press E to throw weapon get this you can not pick it up but then bug player and can drop any weapon

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This is fire :fire:

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is there a way u can send the changes u did ?

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Yea I sent him a clip of this in the cord thought it was just me because he didn’t have the issue now I see it’s hit or miss hopefully he can figure out what’s causing it love the script

great work!!