[PAID] [YMAP] Custom Mechanics

Our mechanic has 3 identical buildings, each with its own location, one in the southern Megamall and one in the north, and the third building in the city of Paleto.

Each building can have its logo changed separately.

Our mechanic is a landmark in the city, offering a cozy and modern environment for our customers.
With meeting rooms for strategic discussions, locker rooms for employee convenience, and an outdoor leisure area equipped with pool tables and coffee, we provide an environment where you can relax while waiting for your vehicle service.

Our mechanic not only offers basic maintenance and repair services but also has an exclusive dealership for those looking to purchase quality vehicles.

Additionally, we have dedicated areas for car dismantling and painting, which are illegal areas, as well as specialized bays for helicopter repairs.

2718.924, 3497.885, 66.13614 (north)
71.73463, -1768.36536, 39.62667 (south)
539.307434, 6609.07275, 33.0186348 (paleto)

-Weight: 10.0Mb (South)
-Weight: 10.0Mb (North)
-Weight: 10.0Mb (Paleto)

Is this Map an MLO?
-This map is not an MLO.
This map, as it is not an MLO, rains inside the map.

Youtube: Here
Tebex: Here $60 USD.

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60 usd but it still rains inside the building? nuh uh


wait so this is a ymap not a mlo ?

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exactly, ymap.

why didnt you just make it as a mlo … then you wouldnt have the rain coming in ?

thing is its a nice looking building just a shame its a ymap

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and there not such thing as a “friendly ymap” bro your still loading in 100s of props lol

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I said “ymap, friend”, the translator failed in the translation, but the map is in ymap, I create a map for the Brazilian public, where here in Brazil we don’t have the habit of leaving rain on our servers, due to half of Brazil not having a decent computer to play on, for this reason we avoid doing it, as it takes longer and worse to maintain, and if a client of mine wants to move the location map I can move it in a few hours, it’s a matter of culture friend, I know that Mlo would be better, but the culture of my country is not the same as yours, I have already received comments about the value of products here on the forum, but those of you who are from abroad and earn in dollars forget that we have to pay 30% for American taxes, So yes, the map is ymap and I didn’t do it because my client base prefers ymap, and about weight and other things like that, the decoration prosp are 50-60 lod distance, there is occlusion between the walls, and there are 3 mechanics in a single product, do you understand my side now?

And I’m sorry if I sound rude, but I’m not, sometimes using the translator makes some translations seem offensive, but I’m responding normally, but thanks for the feedback <3

you good bro … and i get the whole tax thing is im british so our prices are always little more due to the tebex tax haha … like i said tho the building is nice just a shame its not a mlo … but eitherway well done :slight_smile:

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