[paid] [mlo] beach hospital mlo


New hospital full of possibilities to create stories for your RP. Cpm MLO format and very well optimized, your employees and citizens will love receiving the best treatment in a wonderful hospital.
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Texture/Logo Open.

Size: 13.5 MB

  • The map has:
    ° 1 Heliport;
    ° Meeting room;
    ° Room to change clothes and Hit the Point;
    ° 2x Emergency Rooms;
    ° Morgue;
    ° 2x Operating Rooms;
    ° 2x X-ray Rooms;
    ° 2x Rooms for Private Consultation;
    ° Laboratory;
    ° Rest room;
    ° Director’s Room;
    ° Several Chests spread across the map.

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