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veryinsanee’s Telegram
From an experienced developer.


Advanced Roleplay Environment
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  • Telegram system with unique features
  • Smooth, vintage and beautiful ui
  • Create custom mailbox locations (Props and static locations)
  • Send telegrams to other players
  • Retrieve telegrams as items
  • Add contacts to your telegram menu
  • Recieve notifications when recieving a telegram (You can enable or disable it)
  • Easy configuration, language translation and setup (language English and German already included, others can be easily added)
  • Paging system
  • Very optimized


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Every resource from veryinsanee.space includes:

  • Instant delivery: If you purchase the product, you will receive your product instant via the fivem keymaster. (FiveM Escrow system)
  • Configuration: Every script does have a very large optimization and many useful configurations.
  • Installation Support: Each resource includes a well documentated installation guide and help through our Discord support.


Purchase Link: Package Link

Code is accessible No (partial)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3k+
Requirements VORP_Core
Support Yes
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Absolutely gorgeous looking script - it was an instant purchase for my community, and installation was very easy. We’re looking forward to using it!

Looks awesome I waited so long for this kind of script but it looks like this one from WildRP. Especially when you are using Saints Crossing in the bottom of telegram. Did you created script for WildRP?

Is it possible in this script to have “telegram stations” like mailbox’s?

Nope. But I actually did take it as a reference. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean by “telegram stations”?

I think he means instead of using coordinates, binding the opening of telegrams to a prop, like a mailbox :slight_smile: as an additional option.

I agree with that idea. Being able to place a prop (like a mailbox) that players can place in front of their doorstep and then read and write telegrams there would be really cool.

Yea, sounds like a cool idea!
I will implement it, thanks.

Thank you really much for you honest feedback.

I’m so jealous … Best Telgram script ever made on RedM … we love it.

Is there a plan to see that usable for RedeM:RP Legacy (not the 2023 Reboot) server’s ?

Great Job on that dudes, really.

I will have a look on that. :slight_smile:

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What about responsiveness to different screen resolutions?

I’ve made it responsive for every resolution.
If your resolution isn’t supported, hit me up and I will add it. :slight_smile:

Ok so I have some suggestions:

  • when I add someone to contacts and I give name for this contact it would be nice if on list of mails It will show up as given name, no number of po box of this contact
  • I can’t filter by sender, only by title :frowning:
  • If I’m in post office it would be nice when I read telegram to be able to respond on it

Hi, thank you for your suggestions. I will implement them straight away. Update should be pushed in about a hour.

WOW geat! One more thing - when I have mail as an item I can only have one, no more. :frowning:

Try raising the limit in the table items in the database.

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If you change samething it’s not working in new version. I can’t open a mailbox

Has been updated now.

Please check it with antivirus 'cause my found there JS/Kryptik.CDJ and I can’t download an update.