[PAID] veryinsanee's Whitelist | An ingame whitelist system

veryinsanee’s Whitelist
An nice ingame whitelist system. From the creator of Advanced Roleplay Environment.

InGame Preview: YouTube Video
PURCHASE: Store Link (9.99€ before VAT)
Documentation: Documentation Link

Core Informations:

  • Language: (Default) English, customizable due to a language system.
  • Functionality: ESX-only, can be easy changed, because only 3 things refer to ESX in the server file.

Core Features:

  • Due to the system, the supporters doesn’t have to take care about the whitelist anymore. The fully automated system takes care of this. The player who wants to play on the server has to answer a customizable amount of whitelist questions when entering the server. If he doesn’t pass this qualification, he gets blocked and have to contact the support.
  • Discord logs
  • Awesome looking interface.
  • Everything is customizable from the time to the amount of questions.
  • Translatable into any language.
  • Not IP locked or obfuscated.

Terms of Service:

  • You’re not allowed to redistribute or re-sell this asset in any way.
  • You’re not allowed to trade or leak this asset.

your Medical system is obfuscated?

Update is going to be pushed tomorrow, where the obfuscation is removed and some bugs are fixed.

Is it possible to make the script takes random question from a table or something? So it will be random every time and avoid people giving the answers to others

It is already like that.

Go few steps further and make it with option for admins to send player to do this test.

Even more what would be cool is multiple tests, for example:
Police officer test - at some point it would give you a test to do which is about law and stuff, so if player wants to be a cop, he should know basic stuff, right? Better RP is welcome.
Other jobs tests…

That would be great and could be implemented in much more various ways, also with this it would have some potential over that free resource thats around.

Thats a really nice idea!

does it work with ■■■■ ?