[PAID][VORP] Marshal MDT System


Advance MDT For police.


  • You can search every citizen.
  • Responsive UI
  • Warrant Approve + Warrant Remove.
  • You can easily view warrant.
  • easily edit report .
  • Remove charges
  • Warrant Expire System
  • Easily add charges.
  • Work with Onesync.
  • Search Report and modify report
  • Easy to setup in server
  • MDT VIdeo


  • VORP
    Tebex: https://pixeldev.tebex.io/package/5300289
    | | |
    |-------------------------------------|------------------------- —|
    | Code is accessible | No |
    | Subscription-based | No |
    | Lines (approximately) | 1000+ |
    | Requirements | VORP Core |
    | Support | Yes/ |

Hey you know that this is a Fivem resource only converted with VORP and edited the css. :clown_face::clown_face:


I didn’t know that in the year 1899 MDTs were a real thing :sweat_smile: :joy:

and dont event try to flag the post CFX team will ignore it.

my fellow friend thanks for you give your time and write something,
my question is if I want to make new news paper in different language its not that meant I copied modify the newspaper, in mind we all set know how news paper look like if I have made this MDT so I try to look like the same as other MDT not like the phone, this code written by me and its take lot of time so please don’t try to degrade other dev work.

Selling someone else’s work for what amounts to 20 minutes of conversion and changing some colours. Didn’t even use a transparent image for the logo. 60 euros for this is insane. I’m just going to release the version I did for free so people aren’t scammed out of 60 euros.


Dear LtDocHoliday

you can create and release for free ,already 3 guys say about the MDT.

@T-REX_YT I am the author of the resource below, of which the source code has been used in your commercially motivated reskin. You do not have permission to resell my work.

Please remove this resource and Tebex package. Profiting from my work is incredibly disrespectful and a violation of the Cfx.re rules.

Dear Distritic
in this world you are not the only one who know developing so please don’t claim false allegation against me and your MDT is for FiveM and mine for RedM they both are different platform, and your MDT is not look like me they both different,
for e.g. if xyz make phone then other company make phone like the xyz phone then they don’t claim that phone is mine.

Selling edit of existing free resource

Ye so our team only finds out 7 days later since nobody flagged it

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