[Paid, Standalone] AV-Weapons Custom Skins

Showcase: Youtube Video

How does it works?

  • Players can use command /skin to open the menu and customize their weapon skin using GTA 5 tints or using custom URL.
  • Change your aim style between Normal | Cowboy | Gang
  • Weapon tints are server synched with other players, custom URL are visible for client only.


  • Fully standalone.
  • Works with any server build.
  • Simple menu.
  • It looks awesome for content creators.

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Nice! :slight_smile:


amazing bro

Awesome work will be buying this soon!

Recommended, Awesome work!

THIS IS F*****G SICK!!! Nice bro, Much props! My Community Loves this option!

nice one, but not sync to other player :cry:

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This is so nice!
If there is possible it syncs to all players it will be very nice ! i will buy it if possible to do that.


Animations and URL skins are client-sided. For a multiplayer platform such as fivem this is very disappointing, especially since this costs money to get…

ALSO the only two weapons I have gotten the animations to work for are the pistol, and the pistol_mk2, this most likely is an issue with the table of hashes the script has OR a gta native issue that cant be fixed

Here is a fix for the animations being client sided, this will sync the animations for all players.

Add this line of code above line

TriggerServerEvent("weapon:setAnim", style)


Add this code at the bottom of the script

local Players = {}
AddEventHandler('weapon:setAnims', function(anims)
	Players = anims

AddEventHandler('weapon:setAnimPlayerPed', function(player, anim)
	Players[player] = anim

	while true do
		for i,k in pairs(Players) do
			print("Setting Shoot Anim: "..i)
			SetWeaponAnimationOverride(GetPlayerPed(GetPlayerFromServerId(i)), GetHashKey(k))

Create a lua file in the main dir. Call it server.lua. Inside copy the code below.

local Players = {}
AddEventHandler('weapon:setAnim', function(anim)
	local _source = source
	Players[_source] = anim
	TriggerClientEvent("weapon:setAnimPlayerPed", -1, _source, anim)

AddEventHandler('weapon:getAnims', function(anim)
	local _source = source
	TriggerClientEvent("weapon:setAnims", _source, Players)

Make sure to go to the fxmanifest.lua and add the following line of code

server_script "server.lua"

This is a very simple implementation for syncing the animations, I am really disappointed in the OP’s choice to not put any effort into the script and then charge money for it.

Optimization: 9/10
UI: 2/10
Uniqueness: 8/10
Useability: 1/10
Polish: 0/10

Overall Score: 40/100

PS. Download link that is sent to your email is broken, if you get this you have to go to the devs discord to contact them to get the script. Also yes I am aware that the OP mentions that the URLs are not synced but the animations are not mentioned at all. And yes I know that the cause for the animations breaking is due to onesync (maybe not confirmed but someone mentioned this to me) but devs should be testing their scripts in a multiplier aspect before posting them, on all versions of fivem, especially since onesync infinity is the recommended build for the game at the moment.


Is there a way to get the Custom-Skin Links Server Sided, that everyone can see the Skin that you have chosen?

Can you make it saveable?

it does not sync with other players it makes other players weapon skin the same as your URL

I have a question, what’s the page to get the URL of custom skins?

they disappear after restart. any way to make them save?

other players cant see the skins I add…

Why does this happen?

Can’t close the mouse?

You changed the Resource name

Thank U!