[Paid] Rex Diner's Clothes & Items


This is a new pack :

  • 14 items
  • 2 Clothes for Female (Hat & Top)
  • 2 Clothes for Male (Hat & Top)
    Low price and available on my tebex page!

Tebex Page : >LINK<


Features :

* Roleplay Job Clothes
* Female & Male
* 14 Items Ready (For Inventory Script)

All Projects :

Clothes :
[FREE] Summer Bag 2K23 : >LINK<
[FREE] Cherry Swimsuit : >LINK<
[PAID] Black And White Top [M] : >LINK<
[PAID] Rex Diner’s Clothes & Items : >LINK<
Scripts :
[PAID] Loading Screen Black And Yellow : >LINK<
[FREE] Pause Menu [Any Framework] : >LINK<
UI :
[PAID] Shop Themed Item Picture [+30] : >LINK<

Code is accessible LUA Obfuscated
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 0
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

Two questions:

  1. are the models escrowed? (Want to pack them in with other clothing so I can save .ydr slots for mp_freemode ped)
  2. Are the items just png’s? or are they props?

Hello GrizzyVV
The 3D models it’s escrowed but you can edit texture.
Item are juste PNG in 150x150 for any inventory script.

If you want i can make only cloth open source !

If you have any question or problem with my any assets, you can come on my discord or with PM ! :smiling_face:

I am open to criticism and opinions !

Have a nice day !

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