[Free] Pause Menu [ Standalone / ESX / QBCore]


Tebex Page : >LINK<

Check out the new pause menu for Five M, designed with a sleek and modern design with visual effect by KasandraFR. :star2:
This menu is not only intuitive but also pleasant to look at (A gif is available to see its aesthetic)
If you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to join our Discord for help.
This pause menu is more than just a tool, itโ€™s an experience that enhances your immersion in the game.

Try it now! :sun_with_face:

Features :
* Discord Link
* Rules Link
* Youtube Link
* Map Link
* Settings Link
* Link are editable except map and settings !

Github : >LINK<

All Projects :

Clothes :
[FREE] Summer Bag 2K23 : >LINK<
[FREE] Cherry Swimsuit : >LINK<
[PAID] Black And White Top [M] : >LINK<
[PAID] Rex Dinerโ€™s Clothes & Items : >LINK<
Scripts :
[PAID] Loading Screen Black And Yellow : >LINK<
[FREE] Pause Menu [Any Framework] : >LINK<
UI :
[PAID] Shop Themed Item Picture [+30] : >LINK<

Code is accessible JS Obfuscated
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~100
Requirements N/A
Support Yes