[PAID] RAHE Boosting System [ESX / QB / Custom]

You can do so through the admin panel. If you want to access the admin panel, make sure you have the required ACE permission or add your identifier to the adminIdentifiers table in the config.

Hey, we’re looking to use this resource in our server. We just need some quick info.
We’re using a custom dispatch script for our PD (ps-dispatch) and would have to change the function this script runs for generating PD dispatch alterts. Is that part of the code unencrypted?

All of our resources can be made to work with any framework. So yes, the part related to dispatch is also unencrypted and you can put your own code into there (use whatever dispatch system you’d like). In fact, we even have an example available for ps-dispatch, so you should have no trouble.

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Awesome, thanks for the quick response.

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Maybe a little suggestion for a future update.
It’d be great if this resource could be configured to work with the default qb-crypto currencies like qBit. We’re working on a way to sync the amount of sCoins and qBit in our database now, but it’d be much easier if the script supported this by default.

Other than this minor issue, we’re absolutely loving it!