[PAID] RAHE Boosting System [ESX / QB / Custom]

is this still using oxmysql ? or work with mysql?

oxmysql is backwards compatible with mysql

Yes, you can delete mysql-async, drop in oxmysql and you should be good to go.

can you scratch VIN and take ownership?

Yes, fill in the provided event with your garage system specifics and you can get the car.

whats the harness? is that another type of script?

Notifications side does it work with Okok notify and also when you talk about garages making a change. Which garage system does the script work with for QBCore. Thanks

The harness is just an example item which you could sell on your store.

@Bryn Yes, it does work with the systems you named. It’s framework independent, meaning it can be adapted to use any notification system / any garage system.

possible to not use oxmysql?

Oxmysql is required. But oxmysql is backwards compatible with ghattimysql and mysql-async. Meaning you can just delete your old MySQL library and start oxmysql. All of your old queries should remain working, you don’t have to change a thing.

Even if you decide to not use our script, you should update regardless. Mysql-async / ghattimysql had their last commits 2 - 4 years ago and shouldn’t be used in modern server. Oxmysql provides a lot more functionality and performance, queries are noticeably faster.

I’ll pop oxsql into my test server and try, if everything works fine - I’ll get this :).

Switched over to oxsql, and you were right - it was drag an drop… I also was able to use the UI and find some slow query warnings! Thank you!

If not that suggestion alone, id send you money - but ima get the script as well lol. Thanks!

So we installed everything and it al works accept when boosting important (A,S) the npcs only spawn upon use of the hacking device but the hacking device will not give keys to the car. Do you know a fix for this?

Yes, check the readme. There is a function you have to fill in order to get the keys (dependent on which key system you are using in your server).