[PAID] Qz-deadscreen | QBCore

QZ DEADSCREEN by QZ Resources | QBCore

A customizable UI for QBCore’s death screen. At low price!


· New UI

· QBCore compatible

· Optimized

· Free support on Discord

· Not encrypted

· Quick installation guide included

· We customize it for free on Discord to your liking!

Purchase: Tebex Link (4.99€)

Preview video by Zurky:

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1.000 (aprox)
Requirements qb-core, qb-ambulancejob
Support Yes (free) (Via Discord)

Other QZ Scripts: [PAID] qz-multicharacter , [FREE] qz-hud


Could you upload an esx version? Or some way to convert it?

@Forge07 We can try… :thinking:

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love the thought and process you put into this :ok_hand:

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Great design, I hope you can do it on ESX too! :heart:

Are you guys paying for simple stuff like this? No hate to you who made this, but it’s literally 10 minutes of coding to make this work :stuck_out_tongue: