Tommy’s HUD (QB-Core) (Paid) (No Longer Receiving Updates)

Tommy’s HUD is a completely redesigned modern yet simple HUD for QB Core.

Escrow Encrypted: No
Requirements: QBCore


  • Notification System

    • Modern animated notifications with different icons & sound effects.

    • Can easily be integrated into any resource with the client event.

  • Priority Status System

    • Similar to my Priority Status script, this system allows for the current priority status to be shown in-game through the HUD.

    • Admins & Users with the police job will have access to the following commands with this system enabled.

  • Postals Display

    • If enabled in the configuration, shows postals in the street display using the postals.json file.
  • PMA Voice Currently Talking Radio Display

    • When enabled, users can see who is currently talking on the radio at the top right.
      Most of the features listed below can be configured, keep reading for more details.

More Stuff

While self-hosting the server and testing the script, the resmon value has stayed under 0.05ms.

Preview & Pictures




Fixed Fuel Number Flickering
Added Ability to Change Fuel Function
Added Ability to Change LoggedIn Function

To-Do List

This project is no longer receiving support and is now abandoned.

This project has also been made open source.
Comp 2_00001
Comp 2_00000

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements QB Core Framework
Support Yes

This is great. The only thing I don’t like is the percentage of gas flickering once in a while, but I think it’s just because it’s updating. Other than that it’s perfect for what I needed. Was easy to install, the config is also easy to adjust.

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the notifications remind me of okokNotify

How much for a full source available version, it looks good but I don’t use qb-core so the systems won’t work for me

Are those icons from FontAwesome? they look dope

Since my open source scripts have been leaked, I won’t be releasing this as open-source unless I find a solution. What framework if any do you use? I may be able to include it in the next update. :+1:

Is there any server function event for notification?
Also does the hud open after spawning? I dont like when the HUD pops out in the multicharacter selection

You can send notifications to clients from the server but obviously the server can’t receive hud notifications as it is not a player. The HUD only displays once you’ve logged in.

how do i install the hud?

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You would remove the regular qb-hud resource from the resources folder and then drag & drop the new resource folder in. Then restart your server or start the resource manually.

I tried this but it’s not working

Could you provide more detail? Include any errors provided when attempting to start the script?

Basically it was saying failed to load script tommys hud and was saying couldn’t find something do you want me to start my pc and tell you?

I’ve sent you a PM.

I have the same problem the hud doesnt work for me

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Set the core name in the configuration file to ‘qb-core’ instead of QBCore, seems to be an issue with older versions of QB.

Add Stress System
Add Nitrous System Support
Add Racing Harness Support
Add Exports
This added by anychance for the hud?

Gotta give props were props are due.
This hud looks absolutely amazing.

Sadly because of the asset escrow i will not be buying this, to many hud purchases were i end up not using it at all because i simply can’t edit it to my/our needs. IF this were ever to change then ill buy this in a heartbeat!


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ich habe so ein Fehler

Just released an open source version alongside the normal version. :+1:

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