[PAID][QBCORE] Storages

This storages resource gives your server multiple storage locations around the map (which you can change / add / remove in the config file). Each player can buy multiple storage units on each location and give other player keys to access the unit.

If you don’t know anything about code, our config is made so you don’t have to change any code.


  • No code obfuscation.
  • No IP-lock whatsoever.
  • Easy to change config.
  • Optimised (0.01ms idle)


  • Qbcore
  • NH Context menu (included in package)
  • OXMysql (latest version)

Easy configuration

  • All language related texts are located in the config and can be easily changed.
  • Prices and timers are configurable.
  • Inventory weight and slots are configurable.

Tebex link (€5.99 before tax)

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Qbus is a leaked framework I would change your title and your picture to qbcore.