[PAID][QBCORE/ESX] Trading Card Collectible Game With NUI

Pokemon/Trading Card With NUI[PAID][ESX/QBCORE][UPDATED]

This is a trading card game script created with beautiful UI's built around it perfect for a Fivem Roleplay Server.


  • With Over 150+ Cards Built-In

  • Can be customized to have any trading card you wish for with its simple and easy to understand config

  • Runs at 0.0MS, Optimized.

  • Built with a Rarity System which can easily be altered in the config file along with its randomizer

  • Works with ESX and QBCore with the flick of a switch in the config

  • Items get auto registered in the QB/ESX Item tables


  • Revamped the script to be able to add multiple types of collectible packs (example: a different pack for Yu-Gi-Oh and another one for Pokemon). Refer to the Config for the instructions.

  • Another update has been pushed which cleans up UI and stops the script from bugging out! Minor SQL fix for the ESX Items example has been added as well (check readme.md)

  • Hollow Effects have now been added. Check the config file for more information! Here is an example

  • You can now show your pokemon cards to players nearby!



Purchase: 30$

CFX Escrow Asset System

  • This script uses the CFX Escrow Asset System, your script after purchase will be available here. More info on CFX Escrow Asset System available here

For Support

  • For any support or additional that’s required regarding this script or any of our scripts contact me directly on the forums or add me Sinester#4715

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Does this have holo effects?

Did you make this or you reworked UI file from a free script and add math.random for " Rarity System" ??


GitHub - KamuiKody/qb-pokemontcg i mean there is a free one already…why 35 dollars for this? thats honestly ridiculous


Its why i said and is escrow too, hide code that he didnt make

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He was paid to make this script for a server. He then proceeded to steal 90% of his code from a free script and sell it to the server owner. Then he turns around and does this in an attempt to make more money. Honestly, straight joke man. Honestly, I have the unencrypted version and will cut the price in half. This dude is a joke.

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omg, god

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Holo effects will be added on update soon!

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No the entirety of the JS/CSS/HTMl and client/server.lua is made from scratch. If you do not believe me well you can check our config.lua and see if it matches with anything out there.

What about adding a “collectors book” to build a set? Like a card book to add cards and be able to open it and flip through the pages.

Great Idea, maybe after we get in hollow effects something like this might be in the next update

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That would be LIT and I would buy for that effect…maybe even have the option to add custom cards and have multiple collectors books for different sets…I might just buy and join the dissy lol

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Yes sure. Is not that hard make like " YOUR " config, this is a joke

Well, if you feel the price is not fair for now thats alright. Im hoping the new updates justify it better!

New update has been pushed. Buyers can check it out here here

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Ohh no no no

The real creator of this script and its free

I don’t believe that is for ESX as mentioned and I actually did compare our code, Not the same for sure but yes as we add more updates it will get more apparent that these are seperate scripts. Thanks for letting me know!

Holo Effects were just pushed in with the latest update. Enjoy (: