[PAID] [QBCore] [ESX] Snowk Job: Electrician

Now supports QBCore! Updating Frequently.

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Our Official Documentation Website

I reccomend that anyone who is intrested in this resource checks out my official Documentation site. This documentation includes:

  • Full preview of the Config options
  • Code snippets and dependency information
  • Technical Information


  • Adds an additional job for players to earn money from!
    Job is self-contained and can be started at any time by anybody.
  • Implements qtarget system for easy click menus!
  • No IP Lock
  • No encrypted code.
  • Does not require Job Center.


  • Drag & Drop Compatible


Optionally Supports


Due to the small nature of this addon it has performance effects

  • 0.0 Idle
  • 0.0 Active

I posted this on the old I’ll also repost it here.

As a co-developer of this script anybody can feel free to direct message me on this forum at any time for support or questions and I’ll be happy to answer. We test our scripts thoroughly so you shouldn’t encounter many bugs if any. If you do, reach out and it’ll be fixed swiftly!

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