[PAID][QBCORE & ESX] Dealers

Our dealers system adds a alternative to the default QBCore dealers system and a never seen before ESX dealer system. Players will have to get a burnerphone, which they can use when they are checked in as a dealer. The phone is presented with a nice and clean UI. After a specified time (in the config file), players will receive random jobs which are also specified in the config. They will have to pay money to receive goods which they will need to deliver somewhere on the map to receive some profit.


  • Nice and clean UI.
  • Fully customizable through the config file.
  • Language related lines are changeable through the config file.
  • Qbcore version gives you full access to the code and isn’t using the Escrow system due to multiple people renaming the core as well as some functions.


  • Qbcore (or rewrite to your own framework)


This resource is managed through the FiveM Escrow system. You will have to add an item to your server named ‘burnerphone’, it needs to be useable and should close when being used from the inventory. An example line for your shared config is included in the resource, as well as an image you could use. In case you’re using ESX, you will need to add the item to your database.

You’ll need to add the burnerphone to your shop system yourself, since this isn’t handled by this resource.

You are able to specify whether a minimum amount of cops is required to check in and deliver goods. There is a 50/50 percent chance that police gets an alert. Progressbar timeouts, as well as items and prices are configurable through the config file.

Tebex QBCORE (8.99 before tax)
Tebex ESX (8.99 before tax)

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Looks great!! Also don’t think Tebex link is working.


Fixed the link :slight_smile:

Looks nice

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I like that more then you xD

Now also available for ESX (Legacy, with weight system)!

Tebex link