[PAID][QB] LC-SerialScratching| A Weapon Serial Scratching Script

Welcome to my Serial Scratching script, I have made this as dynamic as physically possible, you can have as many places to scratch or buy scratched weapons, you can configure each pricing in each location/category. You can change payment methods, enable or disable blips. There’s not something you cant change. All of this for a very low price of $5

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  • Fully Configurable
  • Require Item to gain access to Scratching
  • Pre-Scratched Weapon Shop
  • Scratch your own Weapon
  • Payment by Cash
  • Payment By Bank
  • Payment By Item (If price is 100, it will take 100 of that item)
  • Have as many unique scratch shops in as many locations
  • Fully dynamic shop categories
  • Fully dynamic item management
  • Blips
  • NPC Spawning (Optional)

Please note this script will not work if you are using quasar inv, or ox inv, this is directly build for servers that use an inventory that doesn’t re-write everything about adding and removing items.

Config Preview:


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Code is accessible No (Config Only)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 800
Requirements qb-core, qb-target, qb-menu
Support Yes