[PAID][QB] LC-Cigars - Player Owned Cigar Shop Job

A customer requested a Cigar Shop job, where players can own and run a cigar shop in their city so we made one for them and also are releasing it. Players will pickup tobacco from a farm (employees only), roll the cigars, there is an offline store for them to stock in case there is no employees online customers can still buy and the money will go to the business

  • Offline Sales
    • Employees Can Restock
    • Customers can buy if no employees online
  • Renewed Banking Support
  • QB-Management Support
  • Set Worker Commission
    • Worker Commission Rate
    • Business Commission Rate
  • Max Bill
  • Fully Configurable
    • Duty Locations
    • Storage
    • Crafting
    • Farming Location
  • Employee Store
  • Interactive Tobacco Farm


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Code is accessible No (Config Only)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1700+
Requirements Polyzone, qb-core, qb-target, qb-menu
Support Yes

I can work this with okokBanking, no problem? Looks cool, might take the leap and give your resource a try!

no reply, sadge

Sorry was busy coding a few more scripts, If you PM me i can look into OkOk

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