[PAID] QB/ESX WooshPD - Interact, Arrest and Roleplay with NPC's

This script allows all police players on your server to interact with all NPC’s driving or existing in the city. It’s a great script to have for when your server has a downtime for police, allowing them to continue roleplaying their duties even when nothing is really going on. I’ve went ahead and made it simple to just plug and play, with a vast config you can tinker with to get it to your liking.

Features include;

  • Randomised ID/License information.
  • Ability to search the NPC/Their vehicle for illegal items.
  • Follow/Face/Escort/Release
  • Cuffing
  • Transporting
  • Jailing
  • Large config to include things like changing menu option names, notification returns and script behaviour.
  • Synced across other players.

Purchasable at Tebex Link
Warning; The ESX version REQUIRES nh-context, as QB-Core have their own version.

Code is accessible; No. However, the config is accessible, the rest is escrowed.
Subscription-based; No
Lines (approximately); ~1200
Requirements; QB-Core, QB-Menu
Support; Yes, via discord, WooshieWorks .


Yess! Glad to see this released!


Any chance of a non-QB version?


The script relies heavily on qb-menu, so I’d have to look for a standalone alternative, or try and get my own. Definitely something i’m interested in doing though.


This looks incredible!

If you can figure out a ESX method… take all my money! Hahah.

We have been using PD5M but it’s a bit buggy… that being said, it’s only the only decently available script out there for this type of stuff.

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After a stressful couple hours figuring out the conversions, here you go! :slight_smile:


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Pertaining to ESX?

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no way! thank you! haha.

Will pick this up here tonight <3!

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sync with other players?

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Yep :slight_smile:

Nice script. Very unique and cool. 10/10.

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seems like im not doing something right or i cant figure out how to do the commands? or its not registering

Glad we got this solved on discord, remember folks, make sure the resource is actually running :stuck_out_tongue:

@JayWoosh is it possible to create a custom event for the reward? the idea is to generate money for the police society. The location of the suspect’s identification is missing (https://i.imgur.com/PbboikY.png).

Great Script 10/10 would buy again.

POG script made by a POG creator.

10/10 loved it when I got bored I could just send locals for petty crime :sweat_smile:, also very easy install, just plug and play!

Glad you enjoy it :slight_smile:

+1 for this would be nice for them to make some money

Added a ton of updates since the initial post, including an event that you can use in another script when a ped is jailed so you can add your own custom rewards for doing so.

  • Added the ability to have random warrants on the peds, with a table to decide reasons.
  • New jailed event you can hook into: woosh_police:ped_jailed for extra rewards etc.
  • Fixed some of the smaller niche bugs.
  • Added a vehicle class config option to allow you to not only need emergency class vehicles.

Please do a similar one for Ambulance this would be awesome - I have the pd one and its great