[PAID] QB/ESX WooshPD - Interact, Arrest and Roleplay with NPC's

Dev was quick to respond with an issue I had, also quick to solve. 10/10 service and script! Will be by again!

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ESX switched to an export to get their core just like QB-Core, instead of the typical while loop/event ESX = nil type stuff, so I’ve pushed an update to the ESX version of woosh_pd that has a config option to fix this. It’s hard to account for both updated and non updated users, so hopefully this fixes that issue for most of you.

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Very nicely made dynamic script. Great for servers with small or big populations. It reminds me a lot of FivePD functions but done correctly with excellent optimization. 12/10 would recommend it to any server owner!

Bought this script for the community I play in, it’s made the downtime hours really fun! Would recommend for anyone else 100% He also fixed an issue I had with my notifications super quick, 10/10

QBCore version now has support for ox menu as a configurable option.

ESX version now supports the built in menu system as a configurable option.

a week ago, it worked. Put it in main server, it didnt work. Went back to test server where it was working, and now its not. This is Warning:

why? I pull them over, they dont follow and evade. The ui comes up I ask for ID and get nothing. I search car, emote works, but no notice. I tell them to get out, it tells me they did, but they are still sitting in the car. Would love a fix, because when it worked, it was great. I didn’t change a thing.

Any plans on ESX/Ox_lib/OX_target compatibility?

Found what it was. You need to be a police officer when you join the server, or else it didn’t work. I had switched jobs through multijob when I started using the resource. I relogged and now it works beautifully as intended. Thank you

There’s an ESX version, however it doesn’t support the ox_lib stuff, ox_target isn’t used as we don’t use any target system for the script. However there’s an option in the esx version to use the native menu that comes with ESX.