[PAID] [QB & ESX/OX_INV] MetaClothes (Clothes as Item)

Hello Xuanxuan, I don’t actually plan to look at qs-inventory because I need to release my server soon, but if you know a little bit how qs-inventory’s metadata work, maybe PM me and we will looking together to do it :wink:

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Thanks, I will contact you privately

Thanks! tebex and goodbuy as well as your income.

Can somebody maybe help me what should i do to work this thing on QBCore? because its doesnt work for me even when i created the items in qb-core/shared/items.lua

I can use without ox_inventory?

Can you help? Ciwiel i boutght your script lately and I’m a qbcore user how to fix your script?

I will help u all tomorrow, Im not a lot active these days, too much work

need support for qbcore

Hello Perek can you show me in PM how is your config.lua + ur items in qb-core/shared/items.lua please ?

And do ur problem print an error server side / client side ?

Hello Slump, QB inventory and ox_inventory for ESX, but u can also adapt it to any other inventory that use metadatas so take care about which one you are using maybe it doesn’t allow you to use metadatas

Hello DRIE, same question as Perek above :slight_smile:

any update for mf_inventory soon, or if i get it would get support to make work with mf_inventory?