[PAID] [QB] [CLOSED] Parkingmeter

Revamped into [QB] dc-parkingmeter

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it would be nice if you could add something to the policejob so the police can check if someone bought a ticket or not

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Got that suggestion earlier today, can’t really do that without modifying either a database table or qb-policejob. Would go out of my standards of creating things that work for a standard QBCore install and besides that it was just a joke resource idea from a friend to do something against the Legion Square gangsters who sit there all day so just created it to try out the new encryption system.

interesting release sir! :roll_eyes:

How did you make this?
(the glow)

Standard qb-target but debug mode enabled. Makes it easier to see what you are looking at and also gives entity hash etc. It’s in the config