[PAID][QB]Cherry Poppers - Player owned ice cream shop! (Custom Props!)

ngd-cherrypopper is an interactive, player owned ice cream shop script with custom food props and emotes for QB-Core.

This script allows players to own a Cherry Popper ice cream store that allows them to sell ice cream cones, scoops of ice cream and milkshakes. Script includes a preconfigured billing system for Jim-Payments or okokBilling (Billing function is editable if you want to add your own!)

  • 39 Custom ice cream props (12 ice cream flavors in cones, scoop/cups and milkshakes)
  • 50+ Individual items with 100x100 inventory pictures.
  • Configurable vending machine with a custom cherry popper root beer included

Script comes preconfigured for Richards Cherry Popper MLO.

Don’t want to use that MLO? No problem! The script is completely configurable from the location, items, ingredients, props, vending machine items. You can change everything to fit your server. Let us know if you need help configuring the script for another map.

Showcase Video: Here

Tebex Link: ($9.99) Here

Docs/Config: Here


  • QB-Core
  • QB-Target
  • QB-Mangement
  • QB/LJ - Inventory
  • PolyZone

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| Code is accessible | No
| Subscription-based | No
| Lines (approximately) | 1250 with config
| Requirements | QBCore
| Support | Yes


Looks awesome! Great work buddy. :grinning:

Yes! Looks awesome! :slight_smile: :heart: