[PAID] Qadr_Map For RedEM-RP

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This resource is encrypted with escrow.


  • This resource has map open animation on pause menu or when was map opened.
  • You can create a usable map and add pin, after that you can share with other players.
  • You can change map prop
  • You can change map blip sprite
  • You can set map name with meta
  • Multi lang. support
  • Add open map with item-only options to the config file. NEW
  • Version checker options added NEW



Buy this package and download it.
Copy all files to your server resource folder.
After that add “ensure qadr_map” to server.cfg file after RedemRP requirements.

Video :


qadr_map v0.4 - YouTube


Qadr_Map For RedemRP - YouTube

This working with vorp ? :slight_smile:

For now no.