[PAID] Pressure Washer

Realistic Vehicle Pressure Washing - (Paid Resource)

Note : This Script Can Be Used As Standalone, ESX, And QBUS, Depending On The Config Settings, If need be you can request a transfer to any other framework after purchase on our discord.

This script allows you to have a realistic Dynamic Water/Soap Hose And Pressure Pump system with many realistic features to enhance self-washing vehicles.


  • Works On All Type Of Vehicles
  • Supports Hose To Give A Realistic Look
  • A Custom Pressure Pump Model For A Realistic Look
  • Hose Attachment Model Can Be Changed To A Custom Model Or Any Model In The Config
  • Unlimited Locations For Accessing The Pressure Pump (You Can Add Them In the Config)
  • Perfectly Synced
  • Cool 3D Status Messages
  • Realistic Water/Soap Spray (Controlled By The Player And Synced)
  • Soap And Water Removes Vehicle Dirt And Actually Cleans The Vehicle
  • Adjustable Water/Soap Density And Clean Rates
  • Hose Length Is Changeable
  • Hose Breaks And Explodes If Expanded Beyond Max Length (Can Be Disabled)
  • Supports Locales
  • Well Optimized
  • Pump Placing/Taking Sounds
  • Standalone And ESX Script
  • ESX Money Support (Charge On Pump Use, Charge On Hose Break)
  • ESX Can Support Jobs For Equipping The Pump
  • One sync Compatible
  • And Much More…


  1. Purchase the resource from our Tebex Store.

  2. Check your email (And Spam Folder) for the resource

  3. Place the resource files in your server’s resources folder!

Note: The Script Is Not IP Whitelisted Nor Uses The Escrow System (Can Be Used On Multiple Servers)


You can change the control keys in the settings.ini and other configuration stuff.




My Friend you have Audio Issues if you Shoot more than one time, the water Sound is gone…

Hello, You might be switching to soap by mistake

The script plus the fuel one both look nice. But 25usd is ridiculous for something so simplistic… I’d pay that price for a high end job or an mlo, but scripts should cap at 10-15 if they’re small and simple with minimal use.

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Hey, the functions might be simple in your point of view, but implementing them is not as simple as seeing them, I hope you take that into consideration.

Still not worth 25bucks each.

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I agree. I’d like to have it, but not for $25. Not for a novelty anyway. Great work though! Price comes down for $10-15 I’ll buy it for sure.

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Same here

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Definitely makes some nice scripts, but almost all overpriced, ALMOST all of them are 20-25… He has a smoke trail one for jets, but that’s been released by others for over a year for $10. I have a copy of one of them, bought it last summer.

Tag me if this stuff drops in price, I promise you’ll make more selling it all for 10-15 MAX than you are selling them at $25 each. I’d personally buy 3-4 scripts are 10-15 MAX each.

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Very nice, but agreed on dropping the price. One side of me really wants it, but the price does not agree with me.

Really nice but as everyone says a bit expensive was excited when i saw the pics but the price ultimately made decided not to buy it hopefully he listen to the people and drops the price down to some more purchase friendly.

Anxiously awaits a price drop :point_right: :point_left:

All I see are complaints about price.

Would love to see a review from someone that has actually used it, would help people try and justify the price. I have a car enthusiast - specific server, so this would be absolutely worth it for my community. Just want to make sure I’m buying something that’s functioning properly, and would love to hear a review on it!

I 100% believe it works and we can all see how good it looks and we also know that this is hard work put into it, but it doesnt justify the price you have set. That is up to you to keep it as it is or lower. I personally will pass this one.

That’s one of my biggest issues. The price for something like a FULL garage system or car dealership at $25-$30 I 100% understand, but a pressure washer… That’s a $10, maybe $15 script, it’s not a necessity, just a commodity script. I want to try it out and give a legit review, but I can’t pay for it at that cost.


It doesnt worth it. I bought it today and let see the server side resmon:

This guy wrote this script in C# and that is the main problem… So I pay 30$ and now I have to rewrite the whole server side to LUA, because this guy made the biggest mistake what a fivem developer can do, write script in C#, even the empty C# script would cause this high of resmon at server side.


Hey, you can email us for support and request a lua server side which we would happily implement :slight_smile:

My community seems to enjoy it. I haven’t spent too much time using it, but did get to experiment with my white Evo. :slightly_smiling_face: But, at least from the player standpoint, it definitely works as it’s advertised! Let you know if we come across any bugs along the way.

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Glad to know you and your community enjoy it :slight_smile:

Added Support For QBUS Framework And Soon We Will Add Support For qb-target