[PAID] Pressure Washer

Welp, been a week now. Guess we hand washing our cars. lol


He doesn’t even respond to us you just post updates. That’s fine I have a buddy who does 3D modeling and can create the prop and I can create the script and will just posted on here but I can’t promise win because I’m still building my new server, just hit me up in a DM if you want and when it’s available I will let you know because it will more than likely be either $5 or free

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I’ll buy this AND your gas pump for $25 combined, but not $25usd EACH… They are accessory scripts, not necessity.

we do package deals, but I can’t do both for 25$, besides I am not replying because you can’t expect me to lower the price after a lot of people have already bought it, its unfair.

How do we turn on soap?

Hello, You click the middle mouse button to switch between Soap And Water.