[PAID] ONX Government, Police & EMS Clothing


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Author: ONX

ONX Emergency Clothing has been built with complete plug and play customization in mind. From mix and matching base uniform colors independently of department/unit identifiers to having completely optional insignia, service stripes, patches and much more.

This is a subscription add-on pack. All clothing items come with fully optimized meshes, LODs and textures.


The package comes with templates for your own department identifiers and complete uniforms for the following departments:

  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol (Troopers)
  • San Andreas State Parks (Rangers)
  • Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation
  • Bail & Fines Enforcement
  • San Andreas First Responders
  • Los Santos Fire Department


  • LSPD Duty Cap
  • LSSD Campaign Hat
  • GSSD Campaign Hat
  • SAHP Campaign Hat (3 textures)
  • SASP Campaign Hat (2 textures)


Undershirt (Ties):

  • Tie with clip (8 textures)
  • Tie (no clip): (8 textures)

Jacket (Shirts):

  • Closed collar long sleeve (9 textures)
  • Open collar long sleeve (9 textures)
  • Closed collar short sleeve (9 textures)
  • Open collar short sleeve (9 textures)


Parachute (Utility Belts):

  • Belt with no accessories
  • 8 police options with various layouts including: sidearm, keys, cuffs, mace, tazer, radio, magazine pouches, flashlight
  • 4 Bail Enforcement options (no sidearms)
  • 4 DOC options (no sidearms)

Accessory (Department/Unit Patches):
All including embedded custom normal maps for a high quality embroidered look.

  • Los Santos Police Department: LSPD, LSPD Motor/Medical, FTO, K-9
  • Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department: LSSD, FTO, K-9
  • Grapeseed Sheriff’s Department: GSSD, FTO, K-9
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol: SAHP
  • San Andreas State Parks: Warden, Warden FTO, SASP, Lifeguard, Search & Rescue, K-9
  • Los Santos Fire Department: LSFD, LSFD Paramedic
  • San Andreas First Responders: Paramedic
  • Department of Corrections: DOC, FTO, Warden
  • Customizable Decal: 26 easily editable YTD placeholders for your own department patches.


Vests (Kevlar Vests & Badges):

  • 8 Navy and black POLICE variations
  • 8 Green/yellow and brown/yellow SHERIFF variations
  • 8 Green and black SASP variations
  • Plain vest, 2 textures for DOC & Bail Enforcement

Badge/Decal (Insignia/Colar Ranks):
Options work with short sleeve, long sleeve, open collar and closed collar shirts.

  • Embroidered arm insignia: Officer/Deputy I, Officer/Deputy II, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant (7 textures)
  • Collar insignia: Lieutenant & Captain bars, 1 to 4 stars, EMT pin (2 textures, silver/gold)


Watch/Left Wrist (Service Stripes):

  • 1 to 8 embroidered service stripes (7 textures)

Legs (Pants):

  • Baggy/unkept pants (9 textures)
  • Pressed pants (9 textures)


  • Service boots (2 textures)

Future updates to include:

  • New departments
  • New unit patches
  • Templated badges for custom departments
  • Templated vests
  • Name plates
  • High visibility vests
  • Jackets & Windbreakers
  • DOJ clothing
  • Detective Ranks
  • Form fitting pants
  • Baseball caps
  • Unit specific clothing (Motor, SWAT etc)

Note: Face accessories and hair displayed in promotional material not included.

The clothing isn’t visible or working on my server?
To use this as an add-on pack and stream custom clothing you’ll need to atleast have the Cfx.re Element Club Argentum membership via patreon.

Code is accessible N/A
Subscription-based Yes
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Cfx.re Argentum
Support Yes


This is awesome for sure

Is this subscription only? if so what a shame :frowning:

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Currently, and perhaps permanently, I would also love to be able to purchase it permanently instead of through a subscription.


I get it… It’s a good pack, but 25 per month is a tiny bit to much to ask imo. Give us an permanent option, even if its around €100 or something