Request to increase "all kinds of" limits

The amount of annoyances I get because of RAGE limits has been increasing quite a bit. This isn’t the fault of anyone as it simply is the creative nature of a platform like FiveM, that is using an engine never even intended to be used on this scale. I do want to urge however that some really need increasing.

Audio bank limit

<2944 7 slots | 2944< 10 slots

Seems plenty, until you realize that for a scripted environment like the casino, you already need to load ~5, depending on what you use (basically already all 7 if done badly). And the thing is, I would have no problem with this. If it wasn’t for escrowed resources loading banks and never unloading them, with the fact that both ReleaseScriptAudioBank and ReleaseNamedScriptAudioBank are unable to unload banks requested from another resource. With the increased usage of native audio, and paid creators still unable to make proper resources, this limit could do with an increase.

Clothing YMTs

GitHub wiki with limits per gamebuild

Cool you can replace and takeover already existing YMTs that barely hold any clothing pieces, I get it. But escrowed resources like [PAID] ONX Government, Police & EMS Clothing Pack that take up 3 YMTs of the already small 10 limit? Yeah yikes. And you probably could edit the YMTs that gets delivered by them and add more items too it from yourself. But what if they update their pack? Every aspect of this is just a huge pain in the ass. (good thing not every clothing creator is like this though, otherwise RIP)

Any kind of poolsize limits

I’m not educated on this topic. Most recent thing seems to be increase txd store pool size by EnzoDCdev · Pull Request #2392 · citizenfx/fivem · GitHub. I get that reducing the amount of content you stream should be preferred, but sometimes that’s simply impossible, especially with escrow.

Either way, with the increasing amount of players, creators and assets in this place. The limits really are hitting. A general increase would really be appreciated. We aren’t running on PlayStation 3’s anymore.


The best would be to add something like this (for pools) feat(gta/core): dynamic pool resizing by duk-37 · Pull Request #1419 · citizenfx/fivem · GitHub

I’m all for re-instating that PR. But as Gottfried stated they aren’t sure if they even want to start working on it again increase txd store pool size by EnzoDCdev · Pull Request #2392 · citizenfx/fivem · GitHub