[PAID] [MLO] Gang Torture Hideout

Jack’s Gang Torture Hideout

You always wanted a place to stick around with your homies and no one messes with you then this is the right place for you located at Strawberry in the heart of Los Santos. Be the gangster that you always wanted!


  • Special for Gangs
  • Interior by MLO
  • Near Grove street
  • More than 20 custom props
  • Custom Shadows
  • Special for Criminal Roleplay
  • Torture Area
  • Detailed Props
  • Homies Area
  • Highly Optimized
  • Lights well distributed for the night
  • Made with great care and good mood

File size: 6.5MB.
Coordinates: -42.11, -1231.44, 29.33
Secured by Asset Escrow system (Additional Info)

Map: Located at Strawberry

PREVIEW VIDEO Gang Torture Hideout Showcase
PURCHASE NOW: Tebex Store (11,99€ + VAT)

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what occu / collision this use? wondering if ill have any conflictions?

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siiick :fire:

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It’s using as occl the lr_sc1_occl_02.ymap so far.
Collisions: lr_sc1_00b_0, [email protected]_sc1_00b_0

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Thanks a lot for the wonderful words! Keeps me motivates!

thanks for reply! sadly got a map that will conflict. Dope map and location thoU!

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nice work!


Thanks a lot :smiley:

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Great location and quality interior love the idea!

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Thank you!