[PAID] [MLO] Pacific Paradise Resort


Pacific Paradise Resort

A Brand new summer holiday resort has arrived at Los Santos and wait you and your friends for the best holidays with a lot of partys ,gym, pools, casino, girls, luxury seafood and many many other facilities!


  • Very well optimized textures and interior
  • Interior by MLO
  • Lobbys
  • Bars
  • Huge Kitchen
  • Restrooms
  • VIP Areas
  • Casino
  • More than 30 custom props
  • Mechanic Workshop
  • Library
  • Hidden storages
  • Boxing Arena
  • Gym
  • Sauna Room
  • Initial v1 more features will come to host additional activities

PREVIEW VIDEO Pacific Paradise Resort
Purchase: Tebex Store (54,99€ + VAT)

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looks AMAZING, great work!

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Damn that looks good!

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Thanks you for your kind words guys i really appreciate the positives thoughts! @CodifyDan @notsiege

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Very nice MLO and the place choosed. GG

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hes not creator of this interior, why you are resseling someones works

there is orginal creator.

First of all i dont know if you are that guy or just a follower that doesnt really matter at this point, i would like to inform you that is just a reselling product which is copyright infringement and all rights comes to me and i would immediately like to take action a moderator , its obvious that this guy is just stealing people job and sell em its sad to have people like those in our community, let me find an example he just made another showcase of a different interior and start selling @Fluorines Job - YouTube let me attach a photo which a user kindly sent to me also the original one GTA V MLO Ballas Interior (FULL) - YouTube as far as i am checking he take down the video. I already took action and contact with YouTube Legal Support Team.
Reseller k0x… you can compare the links (he took it down) Proof of reselling

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If you made that interior, how this guy got files before you and upload video 2 DAYS before you.
smth weird here, link to yt not working.

im not any friend or smth i just dont like scammers.

Thanks for your lovely comment , more interior will come soon to another cool places :smiley:

a very very nice MLO!

Just AMAZING :wink:

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Thanks a lot man appreciate that!

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July 26 video from that guy
July 28 Video from you.

How does that makes sense except you were selling outside of tebex before uploading to tebex?

Unbelievable work on your part, friend Jack, keep it up!

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Thank you my friend for your lovely words!