[PAID] [MLO] Cayo Perico Mansion

Cayo Perico Mansion

Have you ever wanted to visit an Island resort, reside on an offshore island or you have so much money you don’t know what to with it… Well you can now have all that and more, we present to you the Cayo Perico Mansion Expansion, featuring over 35 different rooms. The residence focuses on a Spanish Mediterranean style villa with some touches of elements from luxury hotels in Barcelona.


  • Over 35 Rooms,
  • 6 Bedrooms,
  • 3 Living spaces,
  • multiple rooms for small and large meetings,
  • Home theatre, Torture room and much more.

Location: Cayo Perico Island
Video: Cayo Perico Mansion Showcase | FiveM MLO | Island Resort Villa - Youtube
Purchase: Tebex Store ($248 USD)
Image Gallery: Cayo Imgur Gallery


It’s done really well and looks really nice, but I don’t think many people will pay 300$ for an in-game item basically.


It looks real cool, but 300$ thats to much
for like 150 i would buy it but not for 300$.

Anyway. Nice work

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Looks nice but $300 is to much if it didn’t use the Cfx encryption I would understand. Good luck anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

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max 40$


Usually with products like this you pay for time used for him to learn the skill and then the end product


Do you have any idea how long it takes to do things like and time required to learn how to


sheesh ima buy 250$ airplane ticket to visit the island myself.

True but dosen’t everything require a certain amount of experience before you can make it? Any paid script requires you atleast 1000+ hours of development experiment. You can’t ask 200$ for a single script. You make multiple scripts with that amount of experience and earn that 200$.


Nice Bro !


$248, you are absolutely cracked out of your mind my friend. The chances of anyone buying that are slim to none. You would make more money selling it for $50 or $60.


Absolutely correct

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He sells it at the price he wants, however, he will surely make more sales by selling it ~$50 rather than $300 and will make more profit.

btw, nice work :wink:


The work is great but I’m with every other commenter here. WAY too much $$$ (and I’m old and have money).


With that price. You are pretty much asking for it to be leaked since no one in their right mind would pay that much money to a single mod.


For one of your first projects - this is amazing. The amount of time and effort you have put in makes every dollar worth it. Cant wait to see more!


Yall are just broke get a job


It can’t be leaked mister.
It uses Escrow System.

And I’ve searched for a complete Cayo Mansion MLO and it doesn’t exists OR the quality is really poor.

So i’m gonna buy this MLO at this price for sure !
Congrats in releasing something UNIQUE !


This is so cool and unique… it must have taken hours to map this. But 300 is a bit much for a single MLO. Though i must give you full props for this excellent work

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It can’t be leaked yet. As much as I respect what has been done by Cfx to bring the escrow system to fruition, a career in information systems security has taught me this.

Encryption can and inevitably will be hacked, cracked, and otherwise gobsmacked. Locks are only for honest people.


This comes down to basic economics.
You sell more if you set the price for the market.

More competitive price = more sales.
More expensive = more exclusive.

In my opinion, you would eventually make more money by selling a higher volume of the map.

If at 300 you get 1 sale a day.
But at 150 (example) you get 2 sales a day. Then in the end, regardless of labor costs, its already worth it and you end up making more money with your product.

This is how companies sometimes lose money (per unit) but are in the black due to mass volume.

Food for thought!

My opinion: Ive spent thousands+++ on fivem resources… but 300 is too much for a single MLO. Maybe a whole cayo rework, multiple interiors, etc - sure!

But regardless, amazing work on the map! It looks fantastic. Kudos!