[PAID][MLO] Carster Dealership

Introducing Carster Dealership: Your Gateway to a Unique Server Experience!

Our MLO was designed to deliver an exceptional in-game experience for your community members. This meticulously crafted MLO provides a unique and exciting environment that will leave a lasting impression on your players.

Why Choose Carster Dealership?

Convenient Location: Easily accessible for your players, located north of Weazel News in Little Seoul.
Modern Dealership Design: Immerse yourself and your players in a sleek, and stylish dealership environment.



2 Special Car Plates
9 Cars Spots
2 Offices
Editable Wall Text
Unique Design
Editable Posters (The only editable posters are the 6 located in the lobby)
Editable Car Stands
Audio OC
Optimized Map Size: 17.6mb


Other MLOs:

Code is accessible N/A
Subscription-based No
Requirements Game Build 2699 Or Higher
Support Yes

Insane MLO :boom:

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