[PAID] Lore-Friendly Police Komoda | Callsign System | New Police Lighting | -30% SUMMER SALE

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Purchase: Tebex (€5) Without Callsign System!
Purchase: Tebex (€7) With Callsign System! -30% SUMMER SALE

Police Lighting Preview: Click me!

- Callsign System (These are tuning parts that can be changed through the mod menu)

- Marked/Unmarked versions,

- Police Lights as extras,

- Template,

- Spotlights,

- Wobble Antennas

- 9 Extras

My Vehicles:
Click me! -30% SUMMER SALE

My Scripts:
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[MLO] FiveM | Cluckin Bell
[MLO] FiveM | Mechanic Workshop

Code is accessible YFT Locked
Subscription-based No
Support Yes
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  • A bug with the Lightbar has been fixed, from now on window tinting does not work on the lightbar


  • ALPR’s Added,
  • Antennas Added,
  • Laptop Added,
  • Camera Added,
  • New Pushbar Added,
  • Gunrack Added,
  • Divider Added,
  • Spotlight and Lightbar material changed.
  • Trunk Supplies Added,
  • Unlocked model Added.