[Paid] [ESX] [QBCore] [VRP] Wizating Handling Laptop + Dyno V2

Supports ESX, QBCore, VRP or Standalone

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Tebex: https://wizating.tebex.io/package/4792595

  • Available on our Monthly Subscription for just (£10+vat)pm you get access to all of our current scripts on Tebex!!

We originally built this laptop to replace the handling editor as the script was not fully optimised on resource usage.
Now this resource runs at 0.00 ms and is fully optimised to where we are now at the point where we believe this is a better alternative to the handling editor as while it in use, it could be around 20-40x better on resource usage…

  • Works as a great tool for car developers to fine tune handling without the need of restarting the resource every time you change the data (Saves alot of time).

  • Fully Optimised resource runs at 0.00 ms, even when driving a tuned vehicle. 0.05 Max when using the dyno with the marker turned on

  • Fully Customise the handling of any vehicle in FiveM power / grip / braking / suspension and steering angle.

  • Synced Tunes between clients, The tune that was last applied to a vehicle will be persistent and stay on said tuned vehicle.

  • Saves current tune to database using number plate and model , so every time you access your vehicle it drives the same way.

  • Can be locked to a job (Like a Tuner) so only that job can make tunes for people in the server (great for roleplay)

  • Dynamic Dyno for Hp and Torque values that will change depending on the values set in the laptop. ( yes more power = higher hp/tq , less power = less hp/tq )

  • Extensive Config allowing you to change everything and anything that you could possibly want to

  • Ability to add multiple Dynos in different locations

  • Over 30 values from the vehicle meta can be edited using the laptop

  • Ability to Save the tune you have made as a preset and access anytime later

  • Have a good tune a friend wants? do not worry we got you sorted you can also share presets with friends!

  • Messed your tune up want to start again? There is a reset to default option for this in the presets tab

  • This script is ESX, QBCore, VRP or Standalone. Meaning using the standalone version will work on any framework.

  • ! This script is using FiveM’s escrow encryption !

Notifications are in separate .lua which are not using the new asset protection allowing you to change it to your notification system with ease!

Notification resource: GitHub - JayMontana36/mythic_notify: A simple FiveM notification resource


Nice, Very cool for some street racing RP etc

Can it be locked to a specific job?

Is there any permanent effect for the handling.meta? It would be awesome if it would just set the stats in the handling file. So you can just live edit every car. :sweat_smile:
Or do i get it right, you change the stats permanent for just this one car?

Of course, you just need to run a check to make sure the player has the job you want it locked to, so you can add a simple if-else statement depending on what framework you use it will be done differently. This is currently standalone and uses a chat command to access.

You can modify any vehicle and save the edits which are saved to the DB table in which you can select later and apply to other vehicles. The settings will be applied to the vehicle as long as it exists, but you would need to use the laptop to reapply settings if the vehicle is respawned from a garage etc for example.

If the modification is permanent, it will be better, because one-time will be very troublesome and will not attract players

Hard system, good job bro!

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when /laptop don’t show anything

@rujira_pooboonjaroen You have to be sat in a vehicle to use the command. are you doing that?

yap but another player in myserver can use but for me got error

Oooh this is cool!

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can that be an item that can be bought and used and applied to one car only.?

Yeah, it would be easy to add it as an item, depending on what inventory/framework you use.

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is there an esx version so it can be used as an item atleast ?

It’s just been updated and is now using the asset protection and has been updated to work with esx, comes with a config to change everything.

So yeah it is now ESX ready :slight_smile:

does it save with vehicles in garages too or is it still only with currently spawned vehicles

you save the presets to the laptop so when you get the car back out you would need to apply it again its done like this to allow it to be used on more frameworks as there is many different garage systems out there

but is configurable as an item ? cos otherwise people would abuse it.

the store link will be updated soon on the post but for the time being its here!..

Price has been updated to £36 due to using fivem’s new asset protection we have made the price cheaper! we have included a config that allows you to change everything you would need

Until the mods allow us to change the tebex link for the store page on the post to purchase the laptop you will have to go here …


thanks for the support will be many more scripts on the way!