[PAID] [ESX/QBCore/Any framework] high-phone | Truly the best looking phone!

Not at the moment, might have it in the future

Hi, I am wanting to purchase but there doesn’t seem to be any demo of calling?

Would be nice to see how the phone functions for example while driving and on a call, as driver & passenger etc.


You can call in vehicles perfectly fine, the animations are present as well, you can also drive at the same time, only thing you can’t do is rotate the camera, as the phone is controlled with the mouse (allows a lot of exciting mouse-only features)

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Nice ui!

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Nice phone. However, “Extremely fair price” is not really accurate.


Well, it’s pretty sad that you think the time I’ve put into the phone is not worth the price, but you have the choice to not buy it and choose a ,better" phone, though I’m a 100% sure you will not find me a phone developer that has put so much detail and effort into every single feature and design element.


Thanks for the reply. Please don’t take it personally, it’s just my personal opinion.

No, I didn’t take it personally, I’m just a little disappointed by how many people on the market do not value the completeness of our phone and the complexity of many features (some might seem simple on the surface, but it’s because one doesn’t think about how complex the code could be), people probably just got used to it, but imagine what would happen if they switched from our phone to another phone with more apps. They would be extremely disappointed, as here, we currently don’t have a phone with more than 20 apps and being very complete, not pasted and as smooth as possible. Soon our phone will be there though and probably the price will be higher than it is now.

Anyone else have trouble with the callbacks for custom frameworks ?

Hello i have a question about making new apps on the phone and if it is possible to connect it to an other script, like a delivery job thing?