[PAID][ESX][QB] Trading Cards (includes pokemon)

translations like “put in the album, show a friend”

Update has been pushed for language support :slight_smile:

option put back and take out isn’t traduct lol

I bought this script before the release of the update that added the albums, do I have access to download the new version?

Yes, all updates are pushed to asset manager… Just re-download from there

BEST card script out!!! The T3 devs are always looking to improve the scripts, they have top notch support and a great community

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Hey there, is there any way, or would someone know some workaround to actually PLAY the TCG with this script in? Like. Past collecting, actually have a sitdown and play the game? I imagine it would be pretty complicated.

Does this work on ESX standard inventory and can you switch out the cards for other png images?

Yes, you can disable metadata and use the standard inventory.
All cards are customisable, so you can remove pokemon altogether and just have your own custom cards :slight_smile:


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lets say i wanted to have more then one tcg say like adding other franchises like say yugioh or magic the gathering…

also i dont know if this is added in the script but a battle system would be cool like you do in the tcg where you duel each other

You can, by all means, create new ‘sets’. There’s a whole host of cards shared in the customer support and on our repo. There’s already some dbz and YuGiOh sets.

As for a battle system, unfortunately this is not something easily done. Mainly because ea h card game is played differently. But also, to include all of the rules for even the pokemon tcg would be too difficult inside fivem.

How do i access the yugioh ones, is there a link or something

Our repo is https://cards.t3dev.tech

Purchased this and the grading as it says its compatible with qb inventory, once i get in to the scripts they want you to completely replace your inventory with there’s and if not you have to replace a lot of lines in your inventory script, meaning its compatible IF AND ONLY IF you do one of those things. Definitely not what they are selling you need to say this in your description.

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Might want to comment on the PR I sent to QB see if they can integrate it…
The script will still work, it’s just the images that are changed via metadata, for some reason QB didn’t want to add that feature

Funny that because you haven’t bought anything from our webstore, soooooo weird that you say you have purchased it ¯_(ツ)_/¯

When you say the images are changed by metadata what exactly is the QB limitation on this? As in, whats missing by not doing these extra lines of code as suggested by the guy further up? Also I assume by doing the changes wanted to make it work with QB nothing else is effected right? I can just make those changes and everything else works as it did before? Cheers bud.

site doesnt work for this or the dlc please fix so i can buy it

Not only do they not tell you that you have to change a lot of script work to get it molded to your inventory, but they also dont tell you that when something goes down on there end your pokemon script wont work. So this whole thing was a waste of money and it give it 10 thumbs down. Horrible product with a terrible description, owner hold so much knowledge back to get sells.