[PAID][ESX/QB/ND/OX] Randolio: Stash Houses


Inspired from the Stash House raids on GTA online, I spent 4-5 days doing my best to recreate it as close to online as possible whilst utilizing some more modern features that you see in fivem today.


  • Multiple framework compatibility using a bridge to handle everything. [ESX/QB/ND/OX]
  • 15 unique scene sets created by myself combined with the IPL interior set to try replicate the stash house types that you see online.
  • Dynamically changing IPL interior entity sets for the stash house based on the scene that you roll.
  • Synchronized scenes for grabbing, door kicking/barge cameras and scaleforms for safe cracking.
  • Utilizing the sticky note code prop that is spawned in each scene set to generate the code for the safe inside.
  • All 25 stash house locations used from online.
  • Customizable ped spawns and ped attributes for each scene set. (Accuracy, health, weapons)
  • Optional police alert function, although I don’t see why you’d wanna use it.
  • QB/OX target supported or an interact script that uses draw sprites.
  • Global cooldown or individual cooldowns per character with adjustable times. Routing buckets are also used so players can hit stash houses at the same time. Death handling is also handled with this.
  • An open shared config and server config including reward functions for both grabbing types and safe loots with pre-configured defaults. Additionally I added an optional item requirement for being able to start a stash house raid.

Showcase (Raid) : Watch Randolio: Stash Houses (GTA:O) | Streamable
Showcase (Scene Sets) : Watch randol_stashhouse [scene cycles] | Streamable

Please open up a ticket in my cord if you have questions before purchasing. Link can be found on my tebex post.

Purchase: https://randolio.tebex.io/package/6177967

| Code is accessible | Partially |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | 1600~ |
| Requirements | ESX/QB/ND/OX framework and ox lib |
| Support | Yes |


:fire::fire: looks good

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Appreciate it brother

fire as usual

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Is it possible to support ND with the other nice scripts aswell?

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Which ones specifically?

Thanks brother

hitmann and/or contract


  • Fixed an oopsie not removing the start ped on player unload.
  • Added a new server config option RotatePed and additional locs table to the StartPed config option. If set to true, every time the resource starts, it will randomly generate a place to spawn the start ped from the locs table.
  • Missing locales added for Get Location target label and blip string.

Does it even support ND V2?

Yes it does

Absolute banger from @Randolio again. A standup dev that stands behind his work. Check out his free stuff on github too.

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Appreciate you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Randolio love<3

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appreciate it! :yellow_heart:


  • You now have an enable option in the sv_config for the StartPed to set true or false. Setting to false will NOT spawn the ped that you normally use to start a location. It will instead allow you to call this new export: exports.randol_stashhouses:GetLocation(). If you know what you are doing, you can trigger this on whatever you like.

  • Added a config option for KickOnly when entering the stash house. If you wanna simply do it Chuck Norris style every time, keep it as true.

  • Added a notification sound when successfully getting a stash house location, only for clarification really.

  • Fixed a mistake on the ND bridge with getting the character id.

  • Added a small readme explaining the export and player states that get set within the script.

You’ve been putting out some serious work lately. It’s been really good stuff too. If you’re available for commission, I’d love to have a chat with you. Keep up the great work!

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i need a list of props it uses if possible please mate to add to my anti-cheat as its not spawning the cash piles & safe

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h4_prop_h4_cash_stack_01a, h4_prop_h4_coke_stack_01a, h4_prop_h4_weed_stack_01a, xm3_prop_xm3_safe_01a, xm3_prop_xm3_safe_01b, h4_prop_h4_cash_bon_01a

That should be all the networked props.

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appreciate you so much!

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