[PAID][ESX] Plaster cast - Script & props

:mending_heart: With this pack, improve medical rp on your server !
No more need for your players to write every time they meet someone “/me got a right arm cast ” or something else. :mending_heart:

This pack is composed of a script to allow the player to choose one or several casts, various props and exclusive animations for arm slings.

It contains for both male and female :

  • Left forearm cast
  • Right forearm cast
  • Left arm sling
  • Right arm sling
  • Left leg cast
  • Right leg cast
  • Head bandage
  • Neckbrace
  • Animations for Left and Right arm sling (they’re different for male and female).
    Animations are integrated to the script, but you can also add them to your dpemotes.


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This pack is made in collaboration with Wargunx

:page_facing_up: Note that :

  • Casts are attached to specific bone so some animations/walk may make feet or hand pass through leg and forearm casts since animations make move several bones.
  • Some thick clothes can pass through casts.
  • Casts are removed each time the player disconnects so you have to put them back.

Animations :
Left forearm sling for male : “[email protected]@[email protected]”, “forearm_left_man_clip”
Right forearm sling for male : “[email protected]@[email protected]”, “forecast_right_m_clip”
Left forearm sling for female : “[email protected]@[email protected]”, “left_woman_clip”
Right forearm sling for female : “[email protected]@[email protected]”, “right_woman_clip”

:warning: This pack is obfuscated. You are not allowed to share, modify or sell this pack.
You can change the command that triggers the menu (/plastercast by default) and language in config (EN and FR locales). You can also turn ESX Legacy ON if you use it (turn it true in config).
To retrieve a package you have just purchased, got to FiveM Keymaster then to “Purchased Assets”.

Check the shop :

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~450
Requirements ESX
Support Yes

Please make for QBCore


It would be interesting if only the ambulance had access to this menu and could put (plaster ect) them to the players


Hi, that’s an idea we have already in mind for a 2.0 with maybe much more stuff
At first we preferred that it be the choice of the player himself

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Just make these clothing items instead.
ambulance script can chanage uniform when player dies.
No emotes , no extra scripts

You’re missing the point.
The objective here is to allow players to use clothes / accessories AND casts. Not to be prevented from wearing a necklace/hat/ring/etc just because they have to put casts as clothes.
AND to have multiple casts as they want, not just one.
For the arm sling, if we don’t make emote, tell me how you block the arm ?

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Just make this stuff for ambulance job ( only ems worker with specific rank/s ) can put or take off props from other player.
Perfect idea btw, and looking good.


and to piggy back of that make it for qbcore also

It will not be available for qbCore. We work with ESX

Not working with esx-legacy at the moment … Warned them about the problem … on standby

Hi, As I told you, we’ll look at this asap, but we’re not at home since this morning, just be patient :blush:

Oh yes its not a problem ! :slight_smile: was just letting people know so you don’t get spammed with 100 tickets about it

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Updated and working for esx legacy :smiley: Thanks for the quick fix!