[PAID] [ESX] KD Police Body Cam


KDConfig = {}

KDConfig.Settings = {
	GetSharedObject = 'esx:getSharedObject',
	SetJob = 'esx:setJob'

KDConfig.Commands = {
	Enabled = true,
	On = 'pdcamon',
	Off = 'pdcamoff'

KDConfig.Jobs = {

KDConfig.Badge = {
	Enabled = true,
	Command = 'setbadge',
	GradeLevel = 3

KDConfig.Translate = {
	[1] = 'You turn on camera',
	[2] = 'You turn off camera',
	[3] = 'Close bodycam',
	[4] = 'BODY CAMERA',
	[5] = 'Player not online',
	[6] = 'Insufficient Permissions'


  • Last updated: 28/08/2022
  • Type: Escrow FiveM Encryption
  • Built on: ESX


:movie_camera:- Preview: [Preview KD Body Cam - You Tube]
:moneybag:- Purchase via Tebex


KD Apartments
KD Sell Vehicles
KD Pacific Bank Robbery

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 400
Requirements nh-context
Support Yes

confused, preview shows someone viewing cams?

unsure does this put on a prop or overlay for the user to see its on?

Also whats the badge feature?

Example you are chief of police and you want to watch your police officers what he doing and you want to see if they are working according to the rules.

On my server, every policeman has a badge number, and I have a special script for the badge, and on the badges are written first and last name and badge number, just like in real life.

is the badge included?

and does this offer any overlay for the cop to know that the body cam is on

The badge is not included.

At my place, I made it so that as soon as the policeman takes his duty, he also takes his camera and that he must have it with him

Does he keep video records of his law enforcement?