[PAID][ESX] Airsoft

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  • Play a shooter minigame with your friends or random players for fun or maybe to earn some money. You will be able to create your custom lobby or feel free to join to an existing lobby. Creating or joining to a lobby will cost you a creating/joining fee and the end of the match the winner will take all the money deposited to the lobby. The lobby owner can set the lobby name, joining fee, game time, map and can set the lobby to private with a password. There are three default maps, but the server owner can easily create different maps through the config file. After a lobby reached the minimum amount of players, the match can begin! After the match started everyone who joined to the lobby will be teleported to the selected map zone, and after all players loaded the shooting begins! If you play for the fun that is good, just enjoy the game mode, but if you play for the prize then get the most kills to get it, because there is only one winner who takes it all! The match running in a different virtual world so rampage all you want because the outside world won't notice anything.


  • Detailed config file (refresh times, cooldowns, respawn time, spawn protection, map creation (own props, zone settings, weapons, spawnpoints etc..), language).
  • Lobby system, all players can join to a lobby or create their own.
  • Different maps with zones, the players can't leave the zones.
  • Optimized resource, 0.02ms outside of a match and 0.04 while in a match.
  • Virtual world usage, so different lobby players won't see each other on the same map.
  • UI written in Vue.js and mostly responsive (tested resolutions: 1024x768, 1600x900, 1920x1080, 3840x2160)
  • Map loading for every player, if a player can't load a map before the adjusted time, then the match won't start.
  • Inventory saved before the match for each player and after the match ends or at player disconnect the system will restore the inventory (items, weapons, cash)
  • no ip lock and no obfuscated


  • ESX (at least v1.2) (player, weapons (only works for those inventories which uses the default esx methods), notifications, callbacks)
  • ESX ambulancejob (if you have other kind of ambulancejob contact me on discord) or some kind of death system
  • Artifact build at least 4304

Modify needed to ambulancejob (change onPlayerDeath event to the following code):

AddEventHandler('esx:onPlayerDeath', function(data)
	ESX.TriggerServerCallback('esx_airsoft:server:getPlayerLobbyData', function(lobby) 
        if (lobby and not lobby.started and not lobby.teleported) or lobby == nil then

After this modification if the player dies outside of a match the normal death method will trigger, otherwise the airsoft respawn method will run down.


This looks really cool but is out of my budget a little. Great job, keep it up!

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cool idea, nice preview video well put together

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This has a really nice concept to it

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juicy weekend buy for me :wink:

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Nice release

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Hey David! This resource looks INCREDIBLE. I really only have one question.
When the players get teleported to this map, are they invisible to other players who may be going there just in general? (i.e. if I go to the area where the “Shipments” map is based, will I see / hear the people in the middle of their game?)

Thanks in advance, and great job!

as mentioned in features

  • Virtual world usage, so different lobby players won’t see each other on the same map.

so i bet nobody will see anyone

Hey, thanks!

As @iSentrie mentioned, only those players will see each other whose are in the same lobby, so the other lobby/normal world players won’t see anything.

is this based on routine bucket?

Yes, it is.

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nice mate, i’ve bought it just now
keep your great job : )

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One last question. If someone starts a game and they have weapons on them, what happens to their weapons? Do they just lose them or are they returned after the game.

it was mentioned in features

  • Inventory saved before the match for each player and after the match ends or at player disconnect the system will restore the inventory (items, weapons, cash)

How can you set that when you die you revive after 60 seconds?

In the config file, modify the Config.RespawnRetryTime to 60

Amazing script.


Guessing this only works with default esx inventory and weapon wheel?

By default it comes in 60 and it does not work, you can review or tell me what I should do to make it work.

I can’t creat lobby