[PAID][ESX] Airsoft

Hey, did you changed the resource folder name?

I converted this to vrp and everything works fine, but when the game is over and the winner is shown, other people’s scores are not added up, only my score is displayed.
So I looked for a syntax to trigger when a player dies to solve this, but there was nowhere to sync kills to all players.

At the onPlayerKilled function there is an esx_airsoft:client:setCurrentLobby event trigger where the lobby refreshed for all the players in the lobby and the lobby contains the players with the kills.

I tried to retrieve that event in the onPlayerKilled function, but it was not retrieved.

I would love to buy this if there is a standalone version available??

Hey, I don’t think there will be a standalone version.

Do your community a favor and BUY this script asap!! Its loads of fun and also top quality work!

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Hey loving the script, but there is one big issue. The cops are getting all the shots fired alerts when matches take place making things very hectic. Any tips on what i could do to stop them?

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Hey, I assume it’s in your policejob, you need to check if the player is in a match.

ESX.TriggerServerCallback('esx_airsoft:server:getPlayerLobbyData', function(lobby) 
    if (lobby and not lobby.started and not lobby.teleported) or lobby == nil then
	    //Send shooting message to police

For example like this.

(post deleted by author)

I am using linden_outlawalert. I am trying to add the Trigger event to it now!

main.lua (19.0 KB)

I have added it to the top of the function but then Im getting no alerts at all.