[PAID][ESX] Advanced NPC Mechanic

This is my new script. Fully working NPC mechanic, best for your RolePlay server. Just trigger command “/repair” and the mechanic is right on the way to fix you car. You have 2 options, half repair to fix only half HP of your car or full fix, that works only if the car can´t go ahead. I will be very have if you join to my discord and feel free to ask about everything.

The source code is not available, but the configuration file is open so you can change commands, locations, positions, mechanic´s car and much more. There will be some cool updates coming soon that I’m working on, like the ability to call NPC a tow truck.

Video: mas_npcRepair
Buy now: Tebex

NOTE: This script is using Fivem Escrow system

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ±1000
Requirements es_extended
Support Yes

This is an awesome script! Though I don’t have a server, if I did this would be my first purchase!

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this is dope, is the prop yours or is it default, this is so cool


Make a qb core version?

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yes we working on qb

its default, in future i want to do custom props and more, i have so much ideas what to do with the npc.

Its possible to set npc mechanic for locations? for example lspd garage? ems garage etc?

how you mean locations? you will not set the npc. you will call him with /repair and he will come on any location

Oh, clear.
Then i guess its not suite for my idea.

I just publish qb-core version on forum you can check it! :slight_smile: [PAID][QB] Advanced NPC Mechanic

Accidently bought the wrong version, dev quickly answered ticket. issued refund so i could buy correct version. Thanks!
Looking forward to this, great customer service!

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is it possible to add this to a phone app, so the player just opens phone and clicks the app. (makes it more realistic)

Its possible i can do export for you, idk if you can add into your phone