[PAID] Crypto System (Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin) UPDATED 15.06.2021

Crypto Currency System for [ESX]


Thats System was developed for my RolePlay server. There is xx Options what you can do with this script. So basicly script is made that people can farm (mine) Crypto and after that sell it for some amount of money or just wash black money and get some regular one.

Its mysql-async based script, consumes very low CPU usage from client side (resmon: 0,01ms).


There is currently only 3 Crypto Values:

  • Bitcoin
  • Etherium
  • Litecoin

And i have made like 2x Mining Rigs what you can buy in a Shop and place it to farm a BTC for you.
There is also Exchange point where you can sell that Crypto Currency.

Crypto Wallet Accessable trought "KEY F9"

For best expirience please watch Video preview.

VIDEO PREVIEW - Crpyto System


- In next update is comming trading Crypto between Player in main core.
- In next week ill post ADDONS for this script like: Crypto Vehicle Shop, Crypto Shops, Blackmarket etc.

UPDATE 23.05.2021

  • Added Exchanging Values Example: BTC → ETH, ETH → LIT etc.
  • Added 1 more RIG To mine Etherium its (20x speed)
  • Server side optimized (SQL)
  • Added Blips

UPDATE 26.05.2021

  • Server side rework
  • Made compactibility for Weaponshop.
  • Transfer Values is optimized now.

UPDATE 30.05.2021

  • Custom Rigs compactibility
  • Fixed callback for weaponshop
  • Compactibility to have more then 1 Vehicle Shop


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Please elaborate on how the “mining” works technically.

Every Player if is 1st time Loaded on server gets Crypo Wallet. He is Accessable with key (F9).

So there is 2 Ways to gain Cryptocurrency.

1st way - After Purchase Rigs from shop you need to be at specific location To place them (Thats IPL). After Placing Rig, he start to work and mine for (some time - Configurable) and after he brakes Hash you will gain some amount of BTC.

2nd way was is using mHacking (depend.) To brake Hashes and if player successfully brake a hash he will gain some Crypto Currency. Player can choose Between 3 different Crypto Cur. (bitcoin, etherium, litecoin) to mine. After that he can Withdraw all Mined Currency to his Wallet.

There is also exchange point to sell those Crypto values to get money ingame.

I don’t want to know the process steps. I want to know how the “mining” works and what the “crypto wallet” is. Is it an actual crypto wallet? Is it actual hash mining/solving? Is it a random() type chance to “solve” a “hash” that’s just some random hash? How does this work.

Oh sorry, i didnt understand what you meant.
Crypto Wallet is made for every player and saves it in db all values of mining. Crypto Wallet is not acutal so its been made like (created) once player joined a server (classic db stuff), only to record what are players are farming ingame.

Mining is not real or whatsoever its all about math there is some random chance to success to solve a hash. If you hash are solved u gain some Currency and its logged into db.

Im doing rn some wierd “minigame” for solving hashes in blockchain etc. To be more realistic.

Okay, I just wanted to make sure because real mining would not be allowed due to the massive impact it has on a PC, power usage and so on. Most people are unaware of this.

I mean its possible to make it becouse there is no security way to check that on fivem. Im able to do it with only 1 small python script.

Please add DogeCoin support!

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I thin thats comming in next update with blackmarket.

hey ive purchased the script and need a little bit of support with it

Sure. Just contact me via PM.

This is awesome! can players setup mining rigs in their house and mine afk? and are there computer parts to upgrade the rigs?

Hello there this is v1 of the scriot so u are able to mine only on specific locations. V2 is comming soon i have reworked whole process of kining etc.

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awesome! will v1 owners have to buy v2 when you release it?

Sure they´ll get it as soon as i release it! But it will take week or two…

All my old customers are getting v2.

Probably pushin this weed a black market for it.

Now Crypto System have his own Veh Shop, Weapon Shop and Blackmarket is comming soon…

wow! im gonna buy for sure! are you able to upgrade the rigs and modify the computer parts?

So im currently working on custom rigs to farm crypto currency. So probably today ill release a custom rig script but depend. is crypto System

awesome! im gonna buy for sure!

paid, nothing can download

You will get email with download link after Purchase like everyone else!

EDIT: I have double checked link is WORKING!