[PAID] Crypto System (Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin) UPDATED 15.06.2021

Can you place rigs in houses?


In config file there is like radius from current coords to place rig but you can uncheck that so you can spawn it where you want.

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awesome! thanks!

is this what i change? if so how what do i do to it?

Yeah, thats it!

Awesome! What value do I change? Not the green, right?

Change vector3() into ur coords. This green thing is only comment!

My players tend to crash the game every time the miner reaches about ten minutes

I dont know why is that happening but on my server im holding like 30 min mining time without problems.

Getting this error

i dont know if this dev is smoking crack or meth but ive asked him for access to the latest update for 3 days atleast and still he wont give me access idk whats wrong with this person xD


UPDATE 30.05.2021

  • Custom Rigs compactibility
  • Fixed callback for weaponshop
  • Compactibility to have more then 1 Vehicle Shop

this update makes no sense, tf has a crypto system gotta do with vehicleshop? tf has it got to do with weaponshop? and what on earth is compactibility.

worst dev ever no cap doesnt even provide access to updates or anything he just wants peoples money

What does not make sense?

Your brain cells are mot allowing you to understand that vehicle shop and weapon shop listed below with label CRYPTO are now fully controlled by crypto system.

What part of that you don’t understand?

How is possible that i have over 1k Happy customer and only you are compiling about smth?

I don’t get it. If you need help just head up to PM.

Thanks again!